We talk to our babies as much as possible

Baby Room

Leaving your baby for the first time can be difficult and emotional. At Beeches Day Nursery, we support you through this time by creating a warm and welcoming environment for both you and your baby. Prior to the first day, we invite you both to visit us in our nursery school in Manchester, so that we can discuss your baby’s routine, likes and dislikes.

Toddler Room

When your child turns two we transition them to our toddler room. This is a very vital phase in your child’s life as it is during the toddler years they start learning new things and improve their skills. Whether your child wants to carry out curriculum based activities or whether they want to play in our beautiful outdoor area, we provide it all.

Pre-School Room

When your child is between 3 and 4 years, it’s time to prepare them for primary school. You can rely on Beeches Day Nursery in Manchester for excellent pre-school preparation on all areas. Your child will be transitioned to the bigger nursery room which has a primary school setting. Here, we help them develop their communication, social, intellectual and all other skills ready for school.

A nursery school you can trust

Established in 2005, Beeches Day Nursery is a reputable nursery school based in Manchester. Our mission is to give your children the best start in life with guided child care combined with high-quality early childhood education, which is fun and enjoyable!

Child care at its best

Our nursery is a community of friendly staff with one key worker catering to each child. They will keep updating you with what your child has done throughout the day, including their meals and naps. Three meals and snacks will be provided for full day stays. Also, we make sure all children sleep within the same room.

Day care for your little one

Take a look at our nursery and the child care facilities we provide. From fun activities to storytelling, your child will have a wonderful learning experience with us. Visit our school in Manchester or get in touch with us today.

Why choose Beeches Day Nursery?

  1. OFSTED inspected (Click here to view our latest report)
  2. From 0 to 5 years
  3. Full day or morning sessions
  4. Family atmosphere
  5. Large Victorian property with a beautiful outdoor area with a large garden
  6. Regular fun trips!
  7. Free funded sessions for 2, 3 and 4 year olds

What our parents say