Toddler Room

When your child turns two we transition them to our toddler room. This is a very vital phase in your child’s life as it is during the toddler years they start learning new things and improve their skills. Whether your child wants to carry out curriculum based activities or whether they want to play in our beautiful outdoor area, we provide it all.

Our Curriculum Includes

  • Colourful environment
  • Outdoor play – large garden and play area
  • Quiet / chill-out time
  • Craft play and activities
  • Structured play
  • Independent play
  • Role play

Skills We Help In Developing

At Beeches Day Nursery, our toddler care mainly focuses on:


  • Encouraging to develop speech
  • Improving fine and gross motor skills
  • Encouraging interest in music
  • Art and creativity development
  • Toilet training
  • Lots of learning through play

Toddler Care By Beeches Day Nursery

When your child has turned two, it’s often time for toilet training. You can rely on our dedicated staff to take care of your child during this time with constant encouragement and praise

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